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Unlike most file browsers, Bridge is smart enough to give us options we don’t need. For example, if we open an image in the Preview panel, Bridge will offer us the option of printing that image. We don’t usually print photos, so it’s smart enough to offer us the option of printing only that image. This gives us control over what we see and what we do. For example, a photo I’m considering adding to a collection will probably be the last photo I print. As a result, I might choose to not print it.

But the most important thing about Bridge is organizing. Bridge lets us organize our photos into folders. We can create folders for albums, for example, and then add images to that album. Bridge helps us search our entire computer by sorting through our photos by name. Even more importantly, Bridge can help us find related items by searching through our images. For example, Bridge will be able to find images that are similar to the one we’re currently working on. In addition, if Bridge recognizes a photo in our Favorites panel, it will display a link to that photo. This way, we can easily create collections of related images. We can even create collections of all photos, or only photos that fit specific criteria. Bridge is our window into an organized, efficient and powerful file management system that allows us to manage our photos quickly and easily.

To prevent Bridge from showing any thumbnails from folders that are empty, we should change the Folder Options settings in the Bridge preferences. Open the Bridge Preferences panel from the Adobe Bridge menu bar and check the box next to Hide Empty Folders (Mac). That will make Bridge only display images from folders with images in them.

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Also nested in the Favorites panel is the Albums panel. When you add images to a collection in Bridge they get assigned to a specific album. An album can contain more than one image. Collections can contain multiple albums and each album can contain multiple images. So with a little bit of thought and a lot of thumbnails, you can create a method of organizing your images!

The First, Prev, Next, and Last buttons along the bottom of the Albums panel let us move forward or backward within the images in the current album. They also let us exit the panel and exit Bridge. The Remove button in the lower right lets us delete the current album.

The Bottom panel houses the Help button and a few controls for the Playback panel. The Playback panel is used for viewing and working with your images and video. The controls for the Playback panel in the Bottom panel let us view, navigate, and zoom in on our images. In the upper right corner of the Playback panel is a playback slider that lets us change the maximum playback size from which we’ll view our images. And Playback Zoom lets us choose to view a smaller or larger image in Bridge.

Bridge also lets us assign color labels to our folders. Each folder is assigned to one of the Color Palettes in the program. For now, let’s leave the folder selected in the Folders panel open. In the next panel, the Favorites panel, click on the triangle icon at the top left of the panel (it looks like a clock). This opens a Favorites Panel. Click on the blue + icon at the top left and a new panel will appear. Click on the green + icon to add a new folder or file. Drag the new folder into the folder under Favorites or Folders.

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Adobe Bridge Features

Adobe Bridge Features

Let’s talk a little about the bridge panels. One of the first things you might notice is that the Basic panel along the top is larger than the other three panels. The Basic panel is filled with a lot of frequently used features. These features include some of the most essential tools we need when working with our photographs. The Basic panel includes panels like image adjustments, color correction, image conversion, color adjustment tools and more. The Basic panel includes a menu along the top that you can use to add panels to the Basic panel. You can add panels like you would in any other application. We’ll cover this in more detail a bit later.

I’m hungry. So let’s create some lunch. But before that, there’s something else I want to teach you about in Bridge. That’s the Create PDF command. If you remember from part-3, Bridge lets you save your images as PDF files. It even lets you annotate your images using the PDF paper features. But, what about automatically creating a PDF file from multiple images? It turns out that Bridge allows us to create the PDF Catalog, which is a single PDF file that contains all of the images we’re editing in Bridge.

Adobe Bridge Lifetime Version is a program we can use to easily organize our photos, organize our files, and even locate them when we need to. In the next tutorial, we’ll learn about the Location panel in Bridge. But this tutorial should help get you started in Bridge. I’ll be covering the basics of Bridge, including using its File menus, including the Collections, Smart Collections, and Collections panel. I’ll show you how to find the things you want to do in Bridge.

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Adobe Bridge System Requirements

  • macOS 10.13.2 or later

What’s new in Adobe Bridge

What's new in Adobe Bridge

  • Changes to the User Interface:
  • Cleaned and organized workflow for quickly viewing photos,
  • Redesigned templates for mobile,

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