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AppTrans will not only help you install apps from outside of the app store, it can also help you restore the backups for the apps you have already installed. Since AppTrans uses the app ID, it will take a lot less space than the data that you create manually. While you can manually restore the backups, the AppTrans software does it automatically.

There is AppTrans Pro version for each Windows phone device on the market. AppTrans Pro Free Download: New iOS devices, and Android devices. This includes the iPhone and other devices from Samsung, Google, HTC, LG, and also Nokia. How to download and install AppTrans Pro: The app is available as a free download from the Google Play store. Unzip the downloaded installer and run. Direct Way to download AppTrans Pro: If you are using the version of the AppTrans Pro for your devices, you can download it here. AppTrans Pro Download: The AppTrans Pro Download is a portable version of the software. You can save it to your USB flash drive to transfer it to other computers or remove it from a computer and transfer it to another computer. AppTrans Pro Settings: Before you start up the installation process, you will have to go through the AppTrans Pro settings and enter your AppTrans Pro Serial key. Note: If you are using this software, you must have already downloaded your serial key. If you want to use your serial key to install the AppTrans Pro version for your new device, then install your serial key while in the midst of the installation process. AppTrans Pro Features: AppTrans Pro is a very useful tool. By virtue of this app, you are all set to make a backup of your WhatsApp and SMS chats as well as apps. Moreover, it will allow you to extract WhatsApp chats from Google Drive and email and also backup WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp and SMS chats and WhatsApp media files. AppTrans Pro comes with the following features. Top Features: AppTrans Pro Download provides the following features. 1. Restore data and chats in a matter of seconds: Switch from a different iPhone to a new one without losing your contacts and WhatsApp chats. You only need to back up the data. Not all the apps, but only WhatsApp data and chats.

2. Switch devices without losing data. You can switch from a new iPhone to a new or an old iPhone and the chats are transferred without losing any chat. Same with Android to Android and the data is transferred without losing any WhatsApp chats or the apps.

3. Backup WhatsApp Media files. You can backup WhatsApp chats and media files to your Google Drive account.

4. Backup WhatsApp and SMS chats. You can backup WhatsApp chats and SMS chats from your phone to your Google Drive.

5. Backup WhatsApp chats to your Gmail account. You can backup your WhatsApp chats to your Gmail account and synch them on your new iPhone.

6. Restore the entire data. If you have copied or moved from one iPhone to another, then AppTrans can help you to restore the entire data in a matter of seconds. The entire data or only WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp chats and app data.

7. Unlock WhatsApp chats. If WhatsApp chat is locked due to a forgotten password, you can unlock it with the help of AppTrans.

8. Fast restore AppTrans Pro.

9. Easy restore AppTrans Pro. You can restore your WhatsApp data and WhatsApp chats to the same or any other device.

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This is the best free solution to move apps and their data across your devices that you have a Windows or Mac computer. AppTrans lets you transfer apps and their data from iPhone to iPhone, and from Android to Android as well. This means that you can transfer apps and their data across devices from both iOS and Android users.

If you have an iPhone or Android device, you can transfer apps and their data without having to worry about anything else. AppTrans lets you move apps and their data from one device to another and also lets you transfer data from your iPhone or Android to your computer as well. You can also use AppTrans to transfer apps and their data from the computer to an iPhone or Android phone.

There are many other features available in AppTrans Pro, and if you want to learn more about it, you can visit the product page located here . Just click the link to be redirected to the AppTrans App store.

Have you ever purchased a new iPhone and lost all your apps and data and then wanted to bring your old iPhone over to a new Android phone? Or the other way around? AppTrans can help you recover all the apps and app data without any hassle!

In the past, you had to either transfer apps and app data manually, or install a special app which could only store some of the apps data and the rest of the apps data was lost, said Liang Chen, Director at iMobie. Now AppTrans comes to the rescue. It can simultaneously transfer all the apps and the associated data between different Android phones and iOS devices of all kinds and models (including Google Drive backup/iTunes backup data), so that users no longer need to worry about losing their iOS apps and app data when changing to a new phone. AppTrans even lets you back up and restore apps, as well as download and install apps directly.

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AppTrans Pro Review

AppTrans Pro Review

AppTrans certainly has its limitations, but it offers the ability to transfer WhatsApp data from one device to another. You can add multiple WhatsApp accounts to a single AppTrans Pro file and synchronize them. It is a clear winner.

For those using Android phones, AppTrans Pro Serial Key is the only option that will safely transfer WhatsApp data without modifying it. AppTrans removes all apps and settings from your old phone so that you can get started with your new smartphone without a hitch. You can move data from iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, or even Windows and Mac to iPhone.

It is a powerful tool that has helped thousands of people. By combining different files into one AppTrans Pro file, you can get all your apps and data of your old phone in a simple and convenient way.

AppTrans Pro takes one-step of moving WhatsApp chats of old and new account between Android and iOS, and also allows users to back up all WhatsApp data from iTunes. This means that you can keep the WhatsApp data safe without any risk.

Besides that, AppTrans has a built-in tool which makes it easy to export and install apps with the app data. It allows you to download apps while the other party phone already has an account and install those apps directly. Also, AppTrans has a Settings option for advanced functions, including the ability to undo data transfer operations. By these, AppTrans takes one step further in its efforts to help users do what they like on their devices.

Next, AppTrans lets you share the transfer data of certain apps. With this, you can share the transfer data of selected apps with your friends. They can easily download the files that youve just transferred and use the files as they like. Not only that, AppTrans will notify your friends when you have transferred a file, and they are able to use the transferred data.

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What’s new in AppTrans Pro

What's new in AppTrans Pro

  • Remove the WhatsApp Transfer feature in the Free version.
  • Release AppTrans Pro version for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
  • Improvements in the performance.
  • Major issues fixed.
  • AppTrns: Serious UX bugs fixed.
  • Security fixes.

AppTrans Pro Features

  • Simple and fast data transfer tool
  • Efficient in the free version (number of simultaneous transfers limited)
  • 1TB free cloud space

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AppTrans Pro Ultimate Activation Number

  • BFX8T-6I2YM-32KEG-Q73V8-Z5238-9QWMK

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