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All BIAS FX 2 features are handled via the 1-touch button, including the 15 BIAS FX 2 processors, 15 BIAS FX 2 amplifiers, 20 BIAS FX 2 effects, 20 BIAS FX 2 two custom BIAS AMP models. The BIAS FX 2’s factory presets are the best-sounding presets in the BIAS FX 2 program and the AI in this version of BIAS FX 2 is a revolution in digital electronic processing. Users who want to utilize the incredible AI features of this program, will find they must become familiar with the BIAS FX 2’s extensive menu systems. The settings and features are accessible from a friendly graphical interface or via the keyboard, or both. The BIAS FX 2 retains its ease of use for the most novice users while offering creative users access to a new set of advanced features.

The BIAS FX 2 software includes dual signal chain function, so users can create a virtual studio chain of pedals and effects. Users can select one pedal and one effect from their large library of presets and have them play together in any order. To do this, select the Pin Function, the second pin will be connected to the first’s output and the third to the second’s, and so on. The BIAS FX 2 software includes 8 powerful processors and 10 powerful amplifiers.

BIAS Pedal lets you create your own effects pedals, adding authentic vintage character to your rig. The pedal’s warm white LED lights up to make it easy to set and adjust gain and level, without being distracted by the glowing effects. Plug in to your guitar’s MIDI output, and easily turn up or turn down the gain with the foot control. Auto or manual swells offer authentic vintage character.

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Full Lifetime Version Crack 2022 Free Download

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Full Lifetime Version Crack 2022 Free Download

More cards, more features! The addition of the super-fast and super-intuitive Power Reducer lets you dial back the busyness of the cards and lets you focus on what really matters — the sound, the feel and the performance. Now you can mix the GBA-32 with a standard sequencer just as easily as you can with BIAS FX2, and the GBA-128 can be used just as easily with a bunch of other decks. Don’t forget the super-fast and super-intuitive FX Mixer, where you can blend your BIAS FX2 pedals with the GBA-128 in an integrated mixer. You can now unleash the full sonic power of your BIAS FX2 with no hassle!

With BIAS FX 2, you can swap out real guitars in the studio to record the next track, or grab another guitar onstage for the next song. With BIAS FX 2s groundbreaking Guitar Match technology, you can turn your guitarany guitar into a hoarders collection of legendary axes, each precisely recreated down to their pickups, body type and body thickness. No special pickup is required to make your guitar sound like a classic American guitar, a vintage LP and more. Get ready to craft your own soundscape from a comprehensive collection of modulation effects including Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser, Tremolo, Pan, RingMod and Autoswell. Go from subtle, analogue-sounding vintage chorus to over-the-top tornado and anything in-between. The Power Modules full-featured compressor pushes your riffs to the front of the band. Adjust your pedals virtual power source to deliver 18 volts for a relaxed, supple sound, or 6 volts to make your guitar tone sound like a beast straining on a leash! Experiment with different LFO waveforms from warm sounding Sine wave, edgy Triangular wave to stutter-ish Pulse(square) waveform.

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Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Description

BIAS Enhancer is a must-have plugin for any guitarist that uses heavy or extreme distortion. It makes the most of the superb brilliance of the A-Designs amplifier line, dynamically boosting the sound whenever you need it. The EQ is dynamic, but is also of a decent quality and can be used for fine-tuning as needed. The features of A-Designs are very distinctive and require an amp with a lot of power to work properly. Of course, they will never be perfectly suited to every guitar.

BIAS Amp lets you add character to your amp tone by inserting a unique amp sound in the mix. From sepia colouration to overdrive, BIAS Amp offers a broad and versatile set of amp simulations which can be dialed in or tweaked to taste. Even if you’re not a huge fan of amp models, it’s a great tool to add some character to your tone.

A useful iPad plug-in app, our BIAS FX 2 Elite v2 iPad app is packed with great features to use at a gig or at home, no matter which DAW you prefer. Import your own custom BIAS FX 2 Elite presets or plug-ins via iPad’s Lightning connector. Or using USB the app offers keyboard emulation, direct guitar input, amp modelling, compressor, lo-fi effects and more. And of course, you can use it to record!

BIAS Compression is a smart and versatile mastering tool for all your compression needs. Mix new, unprocessed guitar sounds into your track and then drive your masters bus with rich, well-behaved compression. This re-designed, cross-platform plugin uses the same cutting-edge technology as our Bias Distortion plug-in. You can fully customise the frequency balance of the compression and threshold controls, and apply multiple compression types in parallel.

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What’s new in Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite

What's new in Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite

  • Updated IR patcher to 2.4
  • New IR file format for easier loading
  • Added compression to IR’s
  • Added reverb presets to all IR files
  • Added support for more IR files. Please check the descriptions.

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Features

  • Support for both positive and negative voltage (up to ± 11V)
  • Stable, reliable performance, designed to withstand many startups and shutdown cycles
  • Small form factor, designed to fit most micro ATX and mini ITX cases
  • 9V LDO / 12V LDO / 18V LDO regulation
  • Imperial / Metric / SI conversion
  • MSI x2 (bi polar) DC-DC buck converter
  • 5.0A MOSFET switching, 3A transformer
  • 3.3V to 32V unregulated output
  • 32V unregulated output
  • 14V to 32V PWM (optional)
  • Reverse polarity detection (optional)

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