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PowerDirector 10.0 offers limited editing ability, but CyberLink has added a clip timeline. This is an auto-play list of your movie’s clips along with the standard time and frame markers and an Edit icon at the bottom. You can edit your clips and add trans and transitions. You can also add titles, titles layers, and start, end, and transition markers at any time in the timeline. This is a tremendous boon for editing on a big project. You can’t do this with any other video editor.

Unlike most Windows programs, CyberLink doesn’t attach itself to every program in the background. This not only saves time when you’re working, but it also means that you don’t have to search for a program to use. CyberLink keeps all of its tools, effects, and settings in one place, so you won’t have to find and run different programs.

You can create a basic movie with the built-in tools, and then use the powerful Project Room to add effects, transitions, and more. As you’re working, CyberLink automatically saves a copy of your project to keep you from losing it. It also allows you to sync files for quick sharing.

The program uses the familiar interface element, but with a new “modern look,” according to CyberLink. The tabbed interface is clearly laid out on a solid, black background. There’s a generous margin to the left of the screen that includes the one-click taskbar pin. CyberLink Director Suite 365 includes a full-featured editor that works with SD, HD and Ultra HD content to the same superior level as competing products like Adobe Premier and Apple Final Cut Pro. Version 10.0 adds a new feature called Edit-A-Thon where you can edit a clip in just 10 minutes.

For me, the biggest feature that’s coming to PowerDirector is multitrack recording, that lets you mix clips from multiple sources. The program used to only handle one audio source at a time. Now you can have multiple audio tracks, even from different formats, that you can mix or embed.

Full-screen editing is another important new feature in CyberLink PowerDirector. Since PowerDirector is an advanced editor, many people use it to edit 360-degree VR content, but they have to hide the top and bottom black bars as soon as they start editing a clip, or have to leave the black bars there for editing. With the updated editing interface, you get a full-screen editing area that you can drop full-screen videos, as well as pan and zoom them. Not only does it look fantastic, it speeds up the editing process enormously. You can also customize the full-screen option to be view-only, which is great for sharing with no specific audience in mind. CyberLink added another cool editing feature that is included with the suite: a complete backup tool.

There are too many other features to mention, but it’s worth highlighting a few. For example, the program’s very smart timeline management. When you place two clips next to each other, you’re often left wondering if that’s the correct order. Now PowerDirector automatically syncs the start times of each clip so that it is the same, and you can reorder or rearrange clips in the timeline from the timeline-management area.

However, it’s worth pointing out that you can’t edit multiple project files at the same time in PowerDirector as you can in some professional tools. CyberLink Director Suite is a professional video-editing suite that rivals programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and DaVinci Resolve Studio. CyberLink also includes the ability to record multitrack video at 24 frame per second or 50 frame per second. You can also convert video to the proper frame rate for editing, including the ability to edit both 4K and 2K video at 4K frame rate, and 1080p and 720p at 50 frame rate. Of course, it also includes all the editing and color-correction features that you’d expect from a professional-level app. For example, it supports HDR color and exposure-composition features, it has 3D effects such as vignette, chromatic aberration, depth of field, and lens-distortion effects, as well as motion tracking effects.

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CyberLink Director Suite 365 v10.0 Features

The Director Suite lets you combine your photos and videos into movies. You can apply effects, transitions, and 3D options to your photos and videos, as well as the computer. You can then easily blend in your photos.

Multitrack Audio Editing. CyberLink has been active in working with audio for some time, but in this release it has expanded its editing capabilities with multi-track audio editing, Advanced Audio Checker, and Audio Effects. You can edit both the levels and types of audio, including vocals, backing tracks, ambient tracks, and more. You can apply basic effect settings to the tracks, as well.

More Panoramas and Preset Add-ons. CyberLink has expanded its Cinematic Panoramas mode to accommodate a wide selection of frames from its Kona Panorama collection. These include 360-degree, landscape, and portrait panoramas. There are also more 35-degree panoramas, which you can import from third-party collections or shoot yourself with the Kona Cam.

Transitions and Titles. The suite includes 50 transitions, 50 titles, 20 titles with text, and 50 titles with multiple effects. Make sure to check the “Apply to All Devices” box when you create titles to prevent dragging your work to different devices without changing it.

3D Editing. CyberLink has added a 3D tab to its Project Editor, which you can use to easily apply 3D effects such as 3D text and the ability to move around 3D objects. You can also use the 3D Keying Mode to easily cut 2D video footage and apply a 3D mask.

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  • Intel Mac/PPC
  • 32-bit processor
  • Mac OS X v10.6 or later
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 MB free disk space
  • QuickTime 10.1 or later

  • Better support for embedded audio and video on cell phones;
  • Direct access to PowerDVD;
  • Enhanced folder browsing for network drives with better access to files;
  • More than 100 movie editing effects are available;
  • The ability to optimize images and videos for your various device capacities;
  • The ability to combine Flash files into a single file;
  • The ability to select multiple clips and records from a specified file to create a new one;
  • An upgraded vector editing tool;
  • The ability to focus on one shot at a time while compositing shots;
  • Enhanced multi-GPU performance;
  • Possibility to use either the FHD display (in the first version only 24) or 4K resolution on monitors;
  • The ability to work in 1080p resolution on PowerDVD.

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