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Though it shares many of the ingredients of the VLC, Kodi and Handbrake programs, PowerDVD is not the free video player that they are. Despite the claims, Kodi, Handbrake, and VLC do not broadcast your personal media to the world. PowerDVD, in contrast, does just that. For that reason alone you could almost say PowerDVD is almost as important as a PC. More on that later.

Hardcore PC enthusiasts might argue that adding cloud storage or TrueTheater enhancements makes a claim of importance beside their PCs. But theres another compelling reason for individuals and not just Microsoft to strongly consider PowerDVD. And that is its open source nature.

Theres nothing intrinsically wrong with the closed source nature of the aforementioned competitors, but simply locking your content behind an iron curtain is not good for one purpose or another. TrueTheater, for example, while a very nice offering, is non-transferable from one platform to another: if you own an AppleTV and PowerDVD, for example, then you cant take that content to a PC to play on it. TrueTheater is also not as effective on non-HDR content.

PowerDVD on the other hand is free and open source, and thus is entirely transferrable to any device or platform of your choosing. If you have a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer at home it has no difficulties playing local HD content. You can also upload and stream content directly from any device to it for playback. Its far more versatile that way.

Still, none of this detracts from its value, which the company very ably demonstrates with their software. Like VLC, but more so, PowerDVD is the very best player youll find for nearly all video, audio, image, and file formats.

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The main screen of PowerDVD 9 brings the activity to a whole different level. It’s a simple to-the-point interface with a menu bar and a display window that follows the action. Movie previews and ratings are at the top, while the movies list is at the bottom. You get to arrange your collection by sorting by name, rating, size and format. The DVD menu is easy to navigate and offers instant access to a back chapter function (again in reference to the list). This also highlights what’s been rented, purchased and downloaded. The navigation is easy enough and the Home section of the menu offers the usual utilities like scan discs, convert and burn. From within PowerDVD 9 you can also manage your music collection via the My Music section. Your devices list automatically appears and you can drag and drop or link to various folders on your PC. You can also browse files and add files directly to a playlist or burn them to disc.

At the heart of PowerDVD is the DVD Copy Engine built into MediaInfo that allows you to perform various tasks on your discs. For instance, you can convert the video and audio tracks to another format, check for copyright info, split a disc into 2 or even 2 discs of a different format. You can also record the video to a hard drive. A nice feature is that you can stream video and audio from multiple sources with support for networks and hard drives.

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CyberLink PowerDVD Home 2019 includes a new user interface and more features. These include new codecs, a new subtitle editor, and new raw video editor.

CyberLink PowerDVD Home includes Media Engine, a set of advanced tools and services that enhance the playback and editing of media files. This includes CyberLink Media Player for media files.

CyberLink PowerDVD is a media player with the features: high audio and video quality. The program is designed to play content specifically on PC devices and TV sets: HD Blu-Ray. Upon activation, the software is ready to play media from different discs in high quality.

PowerDVD allows users to playback a wide range of media types (YouTube, DVD, Blu-ray) and file formats (AVI, MP4, MKV, WAV). File and Folder tools allow people to organize and play their media.

Using cracked CyberLink PowerDVD’s playback tools, users can record what’s on the screen and then play back their files. Playback tools include: Screen recording, control TV remote, play DVD, play music, copy, open folder, control volume, and make Blu-ray ISO.

The Smart Enhancement tab enables people to allow CyberLink PowerDVD to augment audio and video qualities by optimizing color, sharpening detail, amplifying sound, etc. The Enhanced tab enables people to seek content by highlighting tracks to play.

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 17 is the best companion for PC and TV with the latest of Ultra HD Blu-ray technology. With cracked CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 17, people can view the incredible experience of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on their TV sets.

CyberLink PowerDVD wins a high reputation in the latest version of the software. Thus, it is highly recommended to users to get the latest version of the software.

CyberLink PowerDVD [Patched] [Final version]

When it comes to media applications on Windows, CyberLink’s is a real standout. PowerDVD for Windows is the flagship player and has a top-notch interface, excellent usability, and plenty of customization. The software can handle virtually any kind of content with stunning visuals for DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming. Its one of the few programs out there that can play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, and just about anything else.

The program supports almost any kind of file format for video, audio, and photo, and it also supports nearly any codec. It can handle a vast range of file types. There’s also plenty of high-quality subtitle and h.264 encoding. And CyberLink also added Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support.

To top all of that, PowerDVD Ultra lets you watch your content on a mobile device using one of the main apps. This means that you can watch movies and TV shows using a smartphone or tablet to take advantage of your high-end hardware. Thanks to remote controls, this is actually a pretty neat feature.

Another thing you can do with PowerDVD is play 3D Blu-ray and 3D disc content as well. That’s right; it can actually play 3D disc content. What’s more, it supports a wide range of streaming video sites, from the most popular ones like Netflix and Amazon Prime to more obscure video sites like Kaltura and OVA. This is especially useful if you’re looking for other options than Amazon’s Media Player on your PC.

This version of cracked CyberLink PowerDVD includes a year of 30GB of CyberLink Cloud online storage. If you’re a CyberLink Live subscriber, that amount continues as long as you subscribe. If not, you can buy online storage at $9.99 for 10GB for a year, up to 100GB for $100 per year. It’s not the cheapest storage around, compared with iCloud Drive, Google Drive, or OneDrive, but it ties in nicely with your CyberLink products. You can upload photos and video from the program, as well as from the mobile apps and then play the media from any device. You can enjoy content and create folders, but not upload files, from the web interface.

CyberLink PowerDVD download free Crack is a global media player for movie disks, film files, photos, and sound recordings. This program includes support for the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc format. Itprovides Blu-Ray movies. Its a graphics playback quality for DVDs and movie files with True Theater HD. Theres a choice of formats inside. Also, it finds your displays playback capabilities, plays with action videos with representation for 120/240 fps videos. There is also a quality that brings image experience to a TV Mode, in your house. It includes support Apple TV for Roku. VR assistance supports pictures and enhanced 4K support more.

CyberLink PowerDVD New Version

Any PC users looking for a quick boot up and smoother movie watching should do well by looking into PowerDVD. Aside from adding support for online content, Cyberlink has tweaked the controls and added a nice new Pro version of the program for those who like to tweak.

As stated before, PowerDVD 20 Ultra is available as a free upgrade for existing owners of PowerDVD 19 Ultra (if you use the old version, you will want to update as well), or you can purchase both the new and old editions together at a savings. Cyberlink does not make compatible media discs for this program, so if you upgrade from 19 Ultra, you will need to install the new version and then transfer your material over, creating new DVDs for any old media you wanted to keep. Cyberlink sells two new versions of PowerDVD 20, priced at $55 for 365-day download period and $79 for perpetual with a 30-day return.

The Pro version offers a couple of good tools for personalizing the app, including the ability to change the video resolution from your capture device and the ability to edit the trim features on your video. The software allows you to use the Share and Link functionality on social media and gives you the ability to preview the last few minutes of the video while you edit it. These are all features of PowerDVD Pro on its own, so PowerDVD 20 is just faster to get to.

The Share function has some issues, namely, the ability to share links is inconsistent; it works if the video is widescreen, but not in the default, 3:2 video mode. Sharing is a breeze, as long as you are logged into your Facebook, Google, or other social network account. Personally, I have a Comcast subscription for sharing my video that I use for cable shows, but otherwise, I dont care who uses it. Similarly, the link preview worked fine as long as the file was widescreen. Cyberlink recommends turning off the fullscreen option when transferring video from a camera, as it wont let you preview the clip, only the finished results.

CyberLink PowerDVD Features

It works like magic. You dont need to download any software, nor do you need any additional hardware. Just plug the Cyberlink PowerDVD software and the USB to HDMI port into your TV and enjoy your media.

PowerDVDs optional social function (with either Android and iOS mobile apps or via a web browser) enables sharing links with friends online or by e-mail. For example, you can send someone a link to watch something they missed on Netflix, then view it if they so choose.

CyberLinks TrueTheater enhancements include 3D, 4K, 5K (and of course 2K), HDR Color, HDR Light, Motion Compensation, Noise Reduction, and Stabilization, the latter which, again, requires a video to be shot with good enough lighting to not let a little bit of camera shake detract from the picture.

If youre a download CyberLink PowerDVD owner, you should know that the latest version of PowerDVD comes with a free trial of CyberLink TrueTheater Premium. The latter is an extension to the TrueTheater Hybrid bundle that already includes CyberLink TrueTheater, CyberLink Viewer, CyberLink H.264 Encoder, and SpeedMatch, which are essential to enhancing and preserving your HD material.

The trial version, however, cannot be used with CyberLink TrueTheater Premium. You are free to use the trial version with whatever version of PowerDVD you have (20 or older) and with any file type. Note that I said the trial version cannot be used with CyberLink TrueTheater Premium, not that you have to get CyberLink TrueTheater to watch the trail version.

So, for example, if youve purchased PowerDVD 20 but have CyberLink Viewer on your PC, you could use that to watch movies from your SD card (if any) or watch some of the included demos/videos, all without the latest version of TrueTheater. So long as CyberLink Viewer and CyberLink DVD Creator are installed, that is.

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The only real complaint with PowerDVD is that it simply lacks the options and functionality available in K-lite. It’s a nice app that’s very easy to use and has plenty of options, but it lacks some more advanced functions. That said, its CyberLink pedigree should ensure that you get a player that’s stable and reliable. Whether you want to explore the older classics from before the Blu-ray era, or a more modern experience, PowerDVD should have you covered.

Here at Tuts+ we are all about the latest and greatest technology. PowerDVD has always been a staple of the entertainment industry, allowing you to create the ultimate home entertainment setup. Youll be able to enjoy all of your multimedia content in astounding detail and quality on your HDTV.

Included with the intuitive interface, powerful features and wide array of content are CyberLinkís PowerDVD Build in tools that will really enhance your viewing experience. You can adjust the aspect ratio, audio and subtitle settings to easily customize your viewing experience without sacrificing picture quality. Just how you like it.

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray provides an astonishing viewing experience by utilizing the color space and sharpness of your high-definition TV. PowerDVD supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with Dolby TrueHD. If you own a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, you can enable Dolby TrueHD for enhanced audio quality.

PowerDVD supports true 3D playback, and includes extensive support for 3D content including 3D Blu-ray, 3D HD, and 3D content from video services like Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, UltraFlix, and MSN Movies.

PowerDVD supports 3D content on Blu-ray discs with “auto” 3D processing. You can also manually activate 3D by pressing the “3D” button on your remote control.

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When it comes to video playback, PowerDVD has always been associated with a PC platform. In the last couple of years, CyberLink has been trying to expand its audience with PowerDVD 20 unveiling its TV (Ultrawide) mode. This mode revolves around an aesthetically designed interface that lets you connect your PC to the TV and enjoy the movies all while sitting on your couch. With CyberLink’s PowerDVD TV mode, you need to have the latest video card supporting HDMI 2.0 with 4K pass-through support. PowerDVD also comes with two more modes, one for 4K streaming content and another for 8K streaming content. This is meant to cater to the big screen experiences that we all want. But at the moment, the smart TV platforms are still not all that developed as far as delivering content on their interface is concerned. PowerDVD 20 TV offers you an experience, where you can enjoy the stream on the big screen. For content providers like YouTube, people can now enjoy their content in HDR formats. You can have a look at the YouTube website for more information.

PowerDVD 20 adds support for CyberLink’s innovative TrueTheater enhancements. The new version has support for TrueColor and lightening, color and video effects within the video. For instance, you can apply a smoothing effect to your video content and enjoy its effects. You can also have a try at Federic’s cinema, where you can select from a range of content and enjoy various effects that are displayed.

CyberLink’s previous version, PowerDVD 19, was a bit slow in comparison to its competitors and it was also not optimized for playing video in the background. All of these issues are fixed in the new version which can enable you to have a smooth gaming experience without affecting anything else. The new version has new features like the new playlists that enable you to organize and group your content effectively. You can create playlists and group your content in different categories. You can also change the volume while watching your video content.

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  • Superb 360 and 3D Performance with HyperX Alloy FPS
  • Stream your videos to any screen in your house through the intuitive PowerDVD Remote
  • Stream 4K HDR for YouTube with HZVU, AVC-Intra, or HEVC (Home Theater v4 & 4K) YouTube Content Playback
  • Play, pin and bookmark YouTube Live streams with H264 or VP9
  • Play and record from 360 and 3D videos
  • Playback from 5.1-Channel Surround XTream and Dolby Digital Theatre X
  • Play VR videos from Oculus Go, Facebook 360 and ViveCat (requires VP9 or AVC-Intra playback)
  • Browse HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs and add media from your NAS
  • Play videos from popular social networking sites Facebook, and Instagram

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.
  • Memory: 2.00 GB RAM or more.
  • HDD space: 4 GB or more.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium® or AMD Athlon X2 or higher.
  • Dedicated Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce® 8600 GT, NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 700 series, AMD Radeon HD 6900, AMD Radeon® HD 6000 series and above

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