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PowerDVD 13 also has version 5.1 of the TrueTheater, which upscales everything you do. It may be the highest-definition TrueTheater tech yet, but if you’ve seen it already, it still looks amazing. If you watch the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, for example, you’ll see some of the best results ever. And if you’re working with 480p or 720p video, the upscaling is fantastic. When you’re done, you just set the TrueTheater level back to standard-def.

PowerDVD 13 has new 3D support that’s not just for Blu-ray. You can play DVD-Video-3D discs or convert them to 3D with Deep Color with a slider that improves the video’s color fidelity without any loss of image sharpness. You can 3D-up-convert non-Blu-ray discs, too, just like there was in version 12. The audio options for this 3D mode are pretty robust, and you can also adjust the angle of the viewer and choose to see the display through the TV or the computer screen.

The video support is lacking on CyberLink for a few reasons. For one, PowerDVD is decidedly geared toward complete players. CyberLink’s video component is not supported on most platforms, nor are there tools for adding support for them. The mobile app is merely an enhanced web browser. CyberLink could use it to make their lineup more attractive to users. The Linux version is certainly missing some features, such as the option to video chat on Skype.

The Pro version of PowerDVD Ultra enables editing and customization options for your files. In the interface, you can change the video aspects such as colors, zoom, and other tweaks, as well as add additional effects and trim videos. In the photo manager, you can add keywords as well as smart tags. Moreover, you can sort and display photos in both album or card formats, and the photo manager is equally smart at organizing different passes. Clips can easily be enriched to create slideshows. The video editor allows you to edit and slice your media, as well as add audio tracks to create slidehows. For the mobile application, the only problem I ran into was viewing movies with a modern device. The resolution was a bit super small, which made it difficult to see the entire movie (like, say, the credits). CyberLink should fix this.

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Run the CyberLink instalaltion wizard; select your CD or DVD (depending on your version) from the drop down menu and the media you want to install to. If you want to install to your computer, select the drive letter you want the program installed to. Press Next, follow the wizard’s instructions for installation, and the computer will reboot so that the program can be properly installed.

Once youre in, your mileage may vary in terms of how PowerDVD works with your discs. When you first start PowerDVD, it will scan the discs and tell you what media is on it, what encoding it is, and the number of discs in the set. From here, your mileage may vary again. You can add media to your library at this stage, or any media you have burned.

You can also add your media collection from online from the CyberLink media portal. CyberLink offers paid and free downloads of movies and shows, and theres also an option to search for torrents. You can use the Express Web Search, a powerful web search that lets you perform searches on keywords, cast, crew, genre, and more. Its really quite useful, as there are some shows and movies you can find no where else.

One of the neat things about PowerDVD is that it can convert DVD Movies to various file formats compatible with popular players, such as Xbox 360, PS3, iPod, and more. You can even copy DVD files to your hard drive or burn copies to a blank disk, using the intuitive tool.

However, if you are using a dual-core CPU and an SSD, you shouldnt have to worry about performance. There is only 1 thread for video processing for CPU load, therefore, your software wont get bogged down. With most dual-core PCs, you can likely have PowerDVD view video while doing something else while youre watching.

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CyberLink PowerDVD Download Final Lifetime Version

Pretty much every title I tried played brilliantly. If you have a newer machine you might struggle with older titles that use MPEG-2 or H.264 since CyberLink didn’t supply a Cinavia flag but that’s understandable. You can even watch encrypted files such as BitTorrent through the program. Title playback is generally faultless.

We don’t have as many titles that use H.264 codecs at the moment, mostly due to Netflix’s lead over other services. Windows Movie Maker/PowerDVD in fact incorporates it without too many issues. The upscaling looks a little hit and miss, with the Tron Legacy Blu-ray edition looking brilliant but the Hobbit films, which were slightly downscaled, just looked fine. The codec wasn’t an issue. In fact, the older XviD codec playback sometimes actually looked better.

When I last looked at PowerDVD, it was included with a subscription to SkyDrive Plus. CyberLink changed its mind and now it’s included in the PowerDVD package with no subscription required. If you use or have SkyDrive this is a welcome addition to PowerDVD and makes it more attractive than the competition, as the CyberLink software will more or less work with every service.

‘PowerDVD is one of the best all-round movie players around – it has the most comprehensive library with clear, helpful functionality and effortless setup. Whether you’re creating home videos, syncing photos with a smartphone or managing a smart home, PowerDVD is simply the best all-round movie player available.’

For a program that’s just a front-end to your movie library, the CyberLink offerings are really straightforward. It’s full of nice features like the ability to fill a Blu-ray with stills, images, audio files, playlists and more.

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What's new in CyberLink PowerDVD

  • Transform any device into a Wi-Fi hotspot with the easy new and improved Wi-Fi hotspot feature. Simply select “My Wi-Fi” in the New Features screen.
  • Dual-function Y and C keys
  • Tracks and adjusts video and audio levels
  • Create, edit and save any video format
  • Customize desktop theme
  • Integrated support for Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and more social sites
  • Hiding mouse pointer for a clean interface
  • Adding audio files to photos and videos
  • Apple AirPlay and Chromecast support
  • Smooth and easy 2D and 3D animation creation
  • Full-screen video play
  • Picture-in-picture for video & picture-in-picture for games

CyberLink PowerDVD Features

  • Enjoy Blu-ray 3D and 4K video, including 3D photos, trailers, videos and up to Ultra HD
  • View DVD content at 3 times the resolution, 4K at two times the resolution and enjoy HDTV content from Blu-ray disc with great picture quality
  • View and manipulate content from multiple drives at a time
  • Capture clips from videos and record videos with audio in a background
  • Create and burn to Blu-ray/DVD discs
  • Add Watermark to photos and protect against duplication
  • Burn video discs and copy discs to laptop
  • Play DVD and Blu-ray folders
  • Explore deleted files and folders on your system, and restore deleted or lost files
  • Easy to use UI and simple interface
  • Experience all the convenience of multimedia stream in a simple and easy way

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