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It goes without saying that MSI Afterburner Registration Key is a brilliant utility for overclocking your graphics card. Now, lets take a deeper look at what all is included and you can either try MSI Afterburner or download the free version here.

If you have experience overclocking your GPU, the main function of Afterburner is to allow users to adjust the speed of their GPU. The higher you turn your clock speeds up, the better your GPU will perform. When you purchase a new graphics card, it will usually come with the default clock speed and a default voltage. Overclocking your GPU essentially enables you to take it from there. You can tweak clock speeds using the values displayed when you hover over settings and for more hardcore users, turn them up to 100%. However, you should use extreme caution with this, as you will fry your GPU by speeding it up too much. You can adjust the amount of voltage used for your GPU if you have a higher-end GPU. Of course, increasing voltage and/or decreasing clock speed will also result in overheating your GPU and may prevent it from running properly.

If youre looking at MSI Afterburner and dont quite understand how it works, or youre curious how it can help you better tweak your graphics card, you can simply go to the preferences page and press F6. The buttons on the left of the page will change to a normal settings page, while the buttons on the right will show you the settings page with more options. You can change the default settings for different users, for example allowing for more memory clock adjustments and some other different tweaks.

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Afterburner has several different graphical overlay options, one of them is Vsync, which helps with tearing when running multiple video outputs. You can enable this in the settings by selecting the video card, and then choosing Advanced Settings.

Those cards that have a reference design are two-digit numbers (like with graphics cards from MSI). Please ensure that you are using the latest BIOS for your card. The majority of the features on Afterburner are the same as those on RTSS or PCC. However, some of the newer features are unavailable in Afterburner:DirectX 12-based OpenGL Application Shader Intrinsics (AUX) supportAcceleration support for the TRX40 and TRX50 TRX40 and TRX50 supportIn many of the recent games, you will now have to enable the feature manually. Please check out this article by Igor Shcheglov for details.With Overlay support on DirectX 11 graphics cards, you will be able to use feature multiple monitors at once. This is enabled by setting the Overlay monitor selection on the overlay window that pops up when you click Settings on the upper-right corner.Feature status notification is disabled. Please refer to this article by Igor Shcheglov for details.

When using Afterburner, if you notice the clock speed and voltage settings fluctuate based on the frame rate shown onscreen, it means that the settings are set manually. This will happen when you set the clock speed or voltage manually or when you use the automated overclocking feature to set the settings.Please ensure you are using the latest BIOS for your card. Occasionally, in the latest GeForce graphics cards, prevented the BIOS from re-initializing properly while enabling an auto BIOS setting. If this happens and you have this type of card, please refer to this article onthe Guru3D website for steps on fixing the issue.Please ensure that you know how to update the GPU SM BIOS for your graphics card.

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Main benefits of MSI Afterburner

Normally, if it was up to the enthusiast we would have no choice but to accept the built-in rendering engines of our graphics cards, then it has also its shortcomings. It is not always what a user wants, instead is it can only appear in the video rendering function. In this way, it is still difficult to unlock up to 80-percent of the potential of NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards. In this way, MSI Afterburner has come to meet a huge demand. Afterburner not only is an overclocking tool, but also a full system optimization software, and graphics driver management software.

The intuitive interface and simple operation are two of its most obvious benefits. With Afterburner, you can access the detailed information of your graphics card through data display and graph charts. And then you can see the actual speed of your graphics card. Then, you can further get more detailed information of your graphics card by clicking the item of your choice, such as the frame rate, frequency, and other basic information. It also shows you a comprehensive account of your graphics card, which can further help you manage and maintain your card. You can also run GPU benchmark on your computer to check the performance of your graphics card.

 The tweak tool can also create links to your favorite sites like YouTube, Twitch, and VLC Media Player. At the same time, you can create a shortcut to those sites right on the Afterburner toolbar. Further, you can create a shortcut for VLC Media Player on the bottom right to watch your streamed media.

 With the new Technology X55 chip, the GTX 1060 graphics card can provide up to 2.79TF and up to 2.14TF in single player and In Game Multi Player modes. If you have an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 graphics card, you can get even more out of it with MSI Afterburner, thanks to a new algorithm added with the release of NVIDIA drivers. For performance enthusiasts, enthusiasts users, this new algorithm will help your GTX 970 perform even better in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

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MSI Afterburner System Requirements

MSI Afterburner System Requirements

  • Your computer must be 64-bit capable.
  • Graphics Card with either DirectX 11 or compatible drivers.
  • At least 1GB Memory.
  • Minimum of 80GB Hard Drive Space.
  • Update your driver to the latest version.

What’s new in MSI Afterburner

What's new in MSI Afterburner

  • Afterburner now uses the same theme engine as MSI. It now features a dark theme as well!
  • Improved hardware monitoring tools
  • New features (more to come later in the article)
  • Improved UI/UI2
  • The -h flag and other deprecated parameters removed
  • The cmdline-setting has been removed. It was always reported bad by most who knew what it was for. (Whether or not this means you need to restart your software is still questionable).

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