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Glary Utilities Pro is a pretty straightforward program that doesn’t ask too many questions, but it will clean your system, organize it, and update it to the latest Windows updates. While the software is free, the extended feature set that it provides (such as the Startup Manager) is available for a premium of $9.95 (that’s only for Professional Edition). The program also includes a variety of tools for manipulating system settings and tightening up your system. The program is really easy to use and should be considered a must-have program for everyone running a Windows 7 computer.

Glary Utilities Pro is a powerful system optimization utility that scans your registry and defragments your hard drive. The program is lightweight, can be installed without any prompts, and doesn’t require an activation key. It provides options for cleaning out duplicate, unused, and temporary files, fixing problems with the Windows Registry, and untangling system files. The program is easy to use and would be great for someone who needs a comprehensive system overhaul, but the lack of a license key prevents this program from getting a rating higher than 4.0.

Glary Utilities Pro is a free-from-the-start registry cleaner, defragmenter, and disk maintenance utility. It doesn’t have a huge set of features, but it makes it easy to run a system scan and remove files that haven’t been used in at least a year. You can also schedule scan times for the cleanup.

In other words, it’s not as easy to get a PC clean as you may have believed. The problem lies in three areas: users don’t clean out their caches and histories, files that are too big to delete normally, and the fact that most anti-virus tools ignore these cache and history folders. To make matters worse, these junk files are ubiquitous and quite large as well. In some cases, they contain data that is actually vital to your PC’s overall performance. You might think that cleansing a file is an easy thing to do, but it’s actually quite complex. A quick run with the Glary Utilities Reset option should only take a few seconds, and even that time can be reduced greatly with a few tweaks. For example, you can force your PC to delete its most recent log file (the one that usually contains your browsing history) only when it’s running for the first time in the day by making sure that this setting is checked.

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Glary Utilities has a long list of more advanced features, such as the ability to erase, move or disable shortcuts, display system information in readable, tabular format or compare the performance of your computer to that of others. Theres also a Startup Manager that looks up the compatibility of your favourite programs, and Disk Repair, which repairs partition tables. These features are detailed under the Advanced Tools tab. All of these features require a registration fee of around $19.99.

Whilst Glary Utilities is a good system optimization suite, there are other free alternatives with more advanced options. The SuiteMonkey Registry Cleaner is lighter on resources, with only three system-initiated scans in total. It also runs a quicker scan, meaning youll be up and running in a shorter time. The PC Information Checker is a free, browser-based application that tells you your computer and security settings, and PC Comparison lists your computer and those of your friends and family. Download this program at .

Whilst it lacks some of the advanced features of other tools in the same price bracket, Lifetime Glary Utilities Version remains the best free choice if you want a comprehensive and easy to use tool to keep your computer in top condition.

The latest version of Glary Utilities, version 4.x, is out now. Whats new includes a Startup Manager that allows you to add and remove application startup at a time of your choosing. It can also update the system clock, which is helpful if you live in a country where time and date settings are more flexible.

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What is Glary Utilities good for?

If your PC is acting up and youre not sure what to do, then get Glary Utilities (opens in new tab). While its a lacklustre performance disc, it does contain some useful tools, such as a Disk Check, Spyware Removal, and a few clean up tools. Its better than the average disc, but certainly not the best in this niche. Some of the reported problems are accurate, though most of them are off the mark.

Glary Utilities does tend to make a lot of rather questionable claims, such as saying that an open PC is like being stuck in a sewer when you need to reboot. It isnt a very good disc, though one of the best that weve used is Cleanup Discs from Winner Tech. If youre looking for something that is going to actually fix your PC then give it a try.

Glary Utilities is a thorough and useful utility for identifying and fixing computer problems. However, theres nothing in its features to make a premium subscription worthwhile. After using the disc for a few weeks and receiving a message saying that further access was needed, I ditched Glary Utilities and rolled the dice with Windows Security Center, which I later found to be a pretty reliable way to clean up Windows.

If you need to get your PC back up and running, then you definitely want to download Glary Utilities. This disc does a great job of identifying, fixing, and keeping track of problems, offering the user a good range of tools and features. Theres no free trial available, which is a slight drawback, though we understand that there are plans to remedy this.

Glary Utilities (opens in new tab) might seem like a lot of things to a lot of people, but it performs essentially only one task. It lets you run programs without the need to memorize a large number of commands to do so. Its not free, but its not a bad value either. Theres no doubt that theres plenty of utilities that do the same thing for far less money, so before you dive in you should make sure that this one is worth the money youre paying.

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Glary Utilities Features

Glary Utilities Features

  • Remove unused system files to free up hard drive space.
  • Free up disk space by deleting temporary files.
  • Clean DNS cache.
  • Remove duplicates in multiple file formats.
  • Detect and remove duplicate files by filename, extension, or content.
  • Remove duplicate pictures.
  • Remove duplicates within a folder.
  • Clean cookies and temporary Internet files.
  • Turn off unwanted startup programs.
  • Detect and remove spyware.
  • Remove invalid registry entries and repair corrupted system files.
  • Remove unused browser plugins.
  • Speed up your computer.
  • Restore your original system defragmentation settings.
  • Take control of your computer’s resources.
  • Create backup and restore points.
  • Detect and correct network problems.
  • Scan for hardware defects.
  • Manage your startup programs.

What’s new in Glary Utilities

What's new in Glary Utilities

  • New Wondershield and Ghacks windows, if you like to see “what’s new”
  • A new player for Wondershield (file manager)
  • Added ability to use the sidebar in Wondershield
  • Added ability to use the sidebar in Ghacks
  • Added an option to show verbose run dialogs
  • Added an option to disable Verbose mode
  • Added the ability to block/unblock “No Script” sites
  • Added a new option to always “Always On Top”
  • Ability to filter and search the troubleshooter
  • Ability to exclude files from the troubleshooter
  • Ability to exclude folders from the troubleshooter
  • Added an option for the graphical “Exclusions” wizard
  • Added an option to start/restart with a specific date/time

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