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Update for Help+Manual Professional

Version 8.3.0 Build 5980 (July, 8, 2017)

If your maintenance for version 8 includes the release date. Version 8.3.0 Build 5980 and our maintenance for version 8 includes the release date.

Version 8.3.1 Build 5980 (August, 21, 2022)

This version adds more features, updates some references, and adds an automatic alert that documents recurring tasks for consultants. Some of these changes relate to the addition of the consultant role to the role-specific user manuals.

What’s New in Help+Manual Professional 8.3.1 Build 5980?

Version 8.3.1 Build 5980 (August, 21, 2022)

When you update to this release, you will be able to choose from two different scenarios for what happens after you run the tasks in the system:

So Help+Manual provides a complete way to store, search, and retrieve a wide variety of user resources, from online help, technical information, and photos, to user manuals, forms, and presentation aids.

Searches are done from a tree structure, and resources may include multiple pages, images, video, links, and PDF files. Many resources have alternate versions for mobile devices, in which case some or all of the content is automatically converted into HTML or RTF documents for accessibility. Multiple options exist for viewing and editing resources online, from simple tables, to carefully hand-designed charts and graphs. The most important resource is online help, which can be organized into multiple languages and featured in multiple languages, including popular international ones.

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If you have an active help session in the back-end of the system, you will automatically have access to the recording of the help session. When you click on the orange Help icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, the recording will be activated.

Help+Manual includes all features of plus more. For example:

  • New user interface that is based on Microsoft.NET 3.5
  • Addin manager that does not require an external resource file
  • Full support for your favorite scripting language with the ability to develop new languages
  • PDF builder with a full graphical user interface

Help+Manual has the functionality needed to support even the most complex of complex applications. Multiple language support, right-to-left translation, direct access to the developer source code, and a clean design will make your software application stick out from the crowd. Perfect for creating on-line help, printed user manuals and software tutorials.

Help+Manual products include more than just documentation. They include a language framework, visual layout engine and a robust object-based scripting language. A large number of applications can benefit from having common, reusable help data to use instead of reinventing the wheel.

The Help+Manual product line provides everything you need to develop an on-line help center, online manual, PDF manual or any other type of documentation. A unified user interface, developer source code, powerful scripting language, unique asset database and a broad set of localization support make Help+Manual a great choice for developing multiple types of online help solutions.

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Help Manual Professional Features

Help  Manual Professional Features

Help & Manual can be configured to run on a single PC or across a network. When running across a network, Help & Managers can save all completed versions for re-use. If Help & Managers create content that isnt quite what they want, they can send it back to the developer where they can make any changes necessary. Content stored on any Help & Managers PC, in any Microsoft Word format, can be synched with others using a SQL Server based content repository.

In addition to helping to coordinate the workflow between all product support teams, Help & Manual takes care of content publishing. This means that client manuals are automatically published to their customer portals, and that Help & Managers are provided real-time updates for each published version.

Some actions and services take special considerations. If the task you need is flagged with a green circle above it, that means VAMS does not provide any help for it. The capability exists, but it has not been implemented for your clinic. The reason for the lack of support is likely a result of specific requirements not commonly met by clinics.

How each provider will use Help+Manual to create online help documents for different roles, mostly depending on how they work, is up to you. Below is how we suggest organizing your VAMS content.

OIG’s definition of a printed user manual is: A printed user’s manual is published as a standalone document which is usually up-to-date with a view to which vaccines are mandatory and for which a measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is indicated.

You can use the Job Invoicing feature in VAMS to track and bill your customers for all services performed. You can even insert an invoice from your existing account payable template. New in Professional (, you have the ability to find all of your customers through a share in Active Directory, enabling you to automatically add them to the list of recipients in VAMS.

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Help Manual Professional Features

  • Product Support: VAMS Help
  • User Guide: VAMS User Guide
  • Role-specific User Manuals: VAMS User Manual
  • Hospital Plans & Admissions Plans: VAMS Hospital Plans

What’s new in Help Manual Professional

What's new in Help  Manual Professional

  • Bridging a Bridge
  • Building Bridges
  • Bridge Construction
  • Bridge Design
  • Dynamic Bridge Analysis
  • Handling Bridges

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