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Note that the 2016 and 2019 Excels still use the same canvas (aka page) for the tabular worksheets, but a new page size lets you use a smaller page size, which helps prevent text from being chopped off when you print, especially in portrait mode. The new approach is also great for onscreen editing because it shows you all of the cells youre working with, rather than only what fits on the page. If youre not happy with the new page size, you can still use a different page size using one of the Custom setting options.

Excel 2016 also has a new Grouping feature that lets you group a set of cells on your worksheet. You can use this to structure any worksheet, including the Worksheet tab where youll find PivotTables and the pivot-table options. You can also add PivotTables to normal worksheet.

Some existing elements like the Chart of Accounts have been removed. The Calendar is now a ribbonsearchable item (it previously lived in the Misc sub tab), and you can add, edit and delete cells within a worksheet from the Excel 2016 or 2019 ribbon.

The bad news is that the Access mode will stay in the desktop client. I dont like that mode too much, although it’s familiar to users of Word for Office 365, so it makes sense. The good news is that the Access mode isnt as bad as in earlier versions of Excel. The toolbar isnt as cluttered as it was, for instance, and some menu commands have been reconfigured. Youll find the Save button in the same place as it was; and the Help button is a link to this article.

Theres still no Excel 2016 ribbon. There are still no more tabs in Excel. You still access Microsoft Office from the Exceltoolbar rather than the File menu. There are some other minor things that I didnt like but you probably wont either, but the Excel 2016 and 2019 suites are a welcome return to the ribbons of the past.

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If you prefer the open document model to a proprietary “Excel” file format, you can use Office Online. With online, you can create, edit, and share any document in the browser. And with Office Online, you can use Office apps to work on docs created in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can even add comments and annotations directly in the browser. Since documents can be linked together using OneDrive, you can build out a multi-chapter document that can be accessed from a single URL.

Finally, the new Excel will bring in a whole new layer of data, including 3D charts. As you know, Excel can create 3D charts, charts with heatmaps, and even 3D charts. But with the new Excel 2016 you can also take your charts up a notch by adding in the additional data to make the chart even more powerful.

The new Excel will also make it possible to break down data and place it in charts, and you’ll get the ability to export to Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher without having to go through the conversion process.

In a book that is already an abundance of information, Csutilo and Dryal offer new content that will help you master Excel 2016. Whether you’re looking to learn how to master the programming environment or create a useful process in your own Excel, the new Excel 2016 is ready to help.

Do you want to learn how to master Power Pivot to make the most of your data and the new possibilities it offers? Or maybe you’re looking for a guide to do some hands-on training with the new Excel? Whatever it is, you’re in the right place. This book is the easiest way to learn the new Excel 2016 software.

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What is Microsoft Excel 2016?

What is Microsoft Excel 2016?

When you start Excel 2016, youll see the same opening screen youre used to seeing in Excel 2013 or earlier versions. Selecting the New button on the toolbar opens a new blank Excel file. If youre importing a workbook from a previous version of Excel or from another application that uses a different format, youll be taken to the Choose Data menu, which provides a list of locations where you can locate the files you want. To import a file that you created in Excel 2013/2010/2007/03, click the Import button in the bottom panel, and follow the instructions. Youll be asked where you want to import the data from. You can import Excel files from file, the Office Online dialog, or Office 365.

Excel 2016 also comes with a new Search Box tool. To activate it, insert a column into your worksheet, and click the More drop-down list on the Home tab. Next, choose Search From This List, and then click the down arrow next to the Box to choose what sort of box you want to search for; the options in the drop-down menu change depending on what a search would return.

The best way to get a sense of the quality of Excel 2016 is to compare it with older versions of the product. By examining the features of Excel 2016, you can see where theyve evolved and gained, and where theyve been sacrificed or left out. In the following pages, well examine some of the features of Excel 2016 in an evolutionary context, showing how each feature has changed or evolved over time, and well discuss some of the most significant new features. We hope youll find this article useful as you explore Excel 2016, and that by comparing its features to those of Excel 2013, 2013R2, 2007, 2010, and 2002, youll gain a sense of how Excels technology has developed over the years. Its been a long journey (and good to see that the early users of Windows 2K are still with us), but its got a lot more to offer than Excel 2013 had. Good luck and happy calculating.

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What’s new in Microsoft Excel 2016

What's new in Microsoft Excel 2016

  • Drill-down views: For example, pivot tables can be stacked. Switch from your normal view to a drill-down view by right-clicking the view and selecting Stack from the View menu.
  • Automatic tile borders: Now you don’t have to hide the Excel borders to get an attractive look. With this new feature, Excel automatically formats the borders of all your worksheets to nicely match the surrounding cells’ borders.
  • Insert hyperlinks to workbooks: You can easily insert a hyperlink to a workbook directly in a cell, just by hovering over the cell and pressing the Insert Hyperlink command on the Home tab.
  • New interactive Get Data dialog: Find and select the option to search for tables directly in the Get Data dialog.
  • New gridview and ribbon bar: View and modify grids with greater efficiency. And the toolstrip and ribbon bar have been updated with more options such as more grid tools and commands.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Features

  • Excels fastest ever performance. Excel 2016 is the most responsive version ever, with no waiting between key actions, and no more freeze-ups.
  • AutoComplete with FREE pre-built templates. Just start typing to quickly fill your entire workbook.
  • Themes. Have a consistent look throughout your workbook. With a simple click, apply your own colors or modify many properties of the theme.
  • Power Query. Bring in external data sources in minutes from a wide variety of trusted, free sources.
  • Power View. Create beautiful, interactive reports in minutes.
  • Data Tables. Drag & drop. Simply drag to reorder. Refresh to update.
  • Data Modeling. Model insights from large or complex data sets using Power BI and DAX.
  • Add-Ins. Quickly connect to more than 40 extensions to save time and get more done.

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