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This is the first time that you are using OBS Studio. In order to fully optimize your streaming settings, click the button and choose the type of video source that you want to add, including supported video formats. Now drag the files over to the left.

OBS Studio is great for beginners since it allows you to drag and drop your OBS Template files into it. When you do so, you will be guided on how to change your template files to ensure that OBS can connect and synchronize with your streaming service. Once that is complete, you are ready to start broadcasting.

If you want to work on your videos with OBS Studio, you will first need to create a new OBS session. Start by clicking the New OBS Window button from the top bar. When that is done, you will be able to start streaming or recording video content in OBS.

Another useful feature of OBS Studio is recording software itself. This is extremely useful for automated live streaming, because it lets you stream more than one session at once. The best part is, after youre done recording, you can save the recording, where you can add it to your cloud if youd like. This allows you to playback your recorded software session whenever you want, whether it be years from now or just the next morning.

Studio Mode is a very useful option when live streaming – at least for those who are familiar with video editing. Lets say your scenes get too complex for your hardware to handle while streaming. With Studio Mode, you can still keep doing what you were doing while live streaming. Even though the rendered stream becomes laggy, it only affects viewers, and you can continue editing your scene in the background. Studio Mode also allows you to prioritize the stream over other applications, allowing you to switch back and forth between the live stream and your scene editing while talking with viewers and other OBS Studio users.

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OBS Studio Free Download allows you to capture audio through built-in microphones, external devices such as USB microphones, and even line-level inputs. You can also add voice commands to the program by using any assistant or voice app that you already have on your computer. In addition, OBS Studio enables you to take screenshots when you want.

In cases where youre using the app on your computer, you can watch it in real time or save it to the cloud. Streaming via Twitch can be done through the Stream Deck included in the OBS Studio program or through the program directly. You can even add a shortcut to the OBS Studio channel so you can resume where you left off. Aside from the new features, the program maintains the same basic interface that it has had since the very beginning.

Because OBS Studio is entirely software based the streaming and recording process is all done on your computer. In fact, you dont even need to touch the website directly to perform its many functions. You simply log in and get started.

Weve released a brand new version of OBS Studio: Version 24. Weve done a lot of internal improvements, but most notably:

  • Improvements in performance
  • Support for new NVIDIA GPUs
  • HDR support!
  • Fix some bugs

Did you know that OBS Studio has HDMI capture? We have had this feature in development for quite a while. We dabbled with it on the old version, but it wasnt a priority, so this time we thought it was time to take the next step. We now support full high dynamic range capture in OBS Studio.

For those of you who use the Unreal Engine, OBS Studio now works with the latest Unreal Engine APIs, so you can now easily integrate your OBS Studio games or projects with Unreal Engine! Download the latest version today and get started.

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What is OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is a software that allows you to stream video and audio to a website, just like a server. Even if you don’t have any sort of streaming setup or server, you still can use OBS Studio to create a simple channel to start broadcasting right away.

The Events tab lets you customize various things to make Studio Mode work. Some events are on/off buttons to activate/deactivate Server/Codec/Render/Timelimit. You can also add Quick Transitions to use in between Events. You can even add events to certain Sources (as well as Scenes) and use them to loop the Sources in a pattern. You can also get rid of Sources you don’t want to be looped using the remove button. You can set the Events you want to happen on any Source/Scene/Quick Transition in the Events tab.

This tab lets you customize the settings of the Dashboard in Studio Mode. Some of them let you disable the Webcam you are using to stream, and others let you customize what OBS does with your audio. Some are for the main camera, while others are for the background camera.

Once you’ve chosen your server, click next and you’ll be prompted to select a video for this scene. You can use as many videos as you wish, but it will be determined by the server and your streaming setup. Once you’ve selected one, you can see that Studio mode automatically saves that setting, so you can return to it later. Alternatively, you can select to save or not to save the setting to your computer from the top tool bar.

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OBS Studio Features

OBS Studio Features

  • Multi-Camera support for cameras of different types (Roku, FireTV, PS4, Xbox etc.)
  • Multi-output support for OBS/Twitch users
  • Stream recording of gameplay on a PC with a higher setting on e.g. GeForce 1080 card
  • Support for Subtitles and FFmpeg’s audio2attachment() codec
  • Xbox VR pass-through
  • 2k and 4k capabilities
  • Simplified OBS-specific cameras settings
  • Built-in stutter-removal with the built-in macro-record functionality
  • No forced scaling on Xbox devices
  • Recent camera selection can be quickly managed via a file system instead of the traditional hotkey combination
  • Built-in and user-customisable shortcut to record video
  • Rename and duplicate camera easily
  • New interface color palette for better readability
  • Tons of bug fixes

What’s new in OBS Studio

What's new in OBS Studio

  • Support for NVIDIA RTX 20-Series GPUs. New NVIDIA Video Codec SDK allows for more efficient encoding and better quality output.
  • Improvements to MacOS support, especially for CPU-only installation.
  • Fix in NVIDIA SLI support (except for SLI 9/9a).
  • Fix in OpenCL and CUDA on Windows.

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