PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional Last Release Cracked Version For Free

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional Last Release Cracked Version For Free

After a good first impression, the program soon began to fall on hard times. Last year, it became the target of a migration to version 6 and up (on the Mac, at least) as that was the only way to fully exploit the program’s most important new feature: its built-in Rewind and Fast Forward time-stretching tools (thus its name, the primary feature I had enjoyed when I first tried the program back in 2010). Version 6 meant that track data that was inserted in the program could not be used in older, freeware versions. When it finally shipped, version 6 was riddled with bugs that made it a non-starter. Then at the end of 2013, PreSonus tried to revive the program by changing it to run in compatibility mode on Windows XP. Everyone knows how great that is for older programs, but not how great it is for a modern, Mac-native program like Studio One. Nevertheless, that’s what ended up being done, and Studio One 6 eventually shipped. But first came version 7, re-jigged for the Mac by PreSonus and transformed to run in 64-bit mode. Then came version 7.1, which went further with the Mac’s 10.11 Sierra update, adding 64-bit support, and additional ways to work with audio.

The program’s most recent release isn’t a fresh new start. Despite of any and all of the recent changes, however, Studio One 5 remains a respected program and one of the few remaining serious competitors to Apple’s Logic. For a mere $99.99, it provides a well-rounded set of tools and features for professional musicians and producers at a price that’s in line with major competitors such as Pro Tools.

From the top drawer, the tonal clarity of Studio One’s Focus mode, not to mention its other layers, is something I’ve grown accustomed to in other DAWs. I’m happy with the default selection of mixer presets, and they get the job done when it comes to implementing the sounds of the fattest, densest part of the studio sound palette.

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PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional With Licence Key + Crack 2022

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional With Licence Key + Crack 2022

Studio One 5 has been extended to include more plug-ins, a host of new preset and instrument templates, more flexible toolbars, and a host of new features. But what’s best about Studio One is the fact that it retains the best features of previous Studio One versions, including the powerful multi-track mixing capabilities, plus an easy out-of-studio-to-browser workflow. If I was forced to name its best features, I’d say it’s the ability to manipulate notes, at any time, on an entire track.

The $399 Premium gets you the complete Prime or Artist packages plus channel strip automation, much improved Mac support, full Waveform Editor support, MIDI event handling for drums, a more powerful EQ, and the Resolve plug-in that allows you to make use of separate audio and MIDI tracks in the same project. The Studio One remote app for iPad and Android is not as robust as Logic’s, however.

If you wish to go the complete route, the $2499 Complete Suite (but not the Studio One Remote app for iPad and Android) includes the Premium package plus every single add-on in the other packages. If you’re up to the challenge, Pro Tools is still the better option, but you may wish to consider this versatile alternative.

I can’t recommend the preset and sample libraries enough, with everything from smooth jazz to hard rock and everything in between. Some instruments are surprisingly strong, such as the Q6 acoustic bass, the Q6 piano, and the NS10 solo and chorus guitars; others are a little weak, like the NS10 soprano or the Q5 alto. There are plenty of synth sounds, from vintage analog to sampled and modeled. While the plug-ins in Studio One aren’t cheap, there are plenty of built-in effects and compression, EQ, tuning, and mastering controls that will save you some money.

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Main benefits of PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

Main benefits of PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

Before, you had to load one or more separate libraries for each track type or instrument, plus the option to add additional instrument plug-ins; you could then add and link to them as needed. Now the idea is to group related instrument plug-ins into one unified tab on the “Plug-In Browser” menu, although you can still access their individual libraries if you want. But you can take a much more direct approach if you arrange your sounds in the project window. PreSonus’ recently released “Chromecast Audio” plug-in is an excellent example. It automates many of the tasks usually performed by a desktop recording system, and it works brilliantly.

In addition to the new cross-platform SynthTrack Remote, PreSonus has also upgraded many of its advanced MIDI plug-ins. MIDI Out now supports quantizing your incoming MIDI, making the mapping process faster and more intuitive. Tracking automation is now configurable for MIDI notes with just a single click, and new MIDI Edit dialog lets you change multiple tracks all at once.

To one extent or another, this upgrade also includes a host of new third-party VST, AU, and LADSPA plug-ins. They work with Studio One, so you can load them as needed. However, don’t expect to be able to customize plug-in parameters inside the main interface of your DAW. These tools are mostly for MIDI and automation, and for checking and tweaking data such as envelopes and effects.

You also get some powerful new and older plug-ins that were bundled with earlier versions of PreSonus’ DAWs. Some, such as the good old Tube2, are there to add a bit of authenticity and grit to a mix or capture a particular sound perfectly. But others, such as the now discontinued Soft Synth, are simply examples of the kinds of third-party plug-ins many users have been asking for.

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What’s new in PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

What's new in PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

  • New Media Pool (Media Pool Naming Scheme)
  • Convert Sequence Length
  • New Sequence Range
  • New ISO Settings
  • Audio Mixer on Application Start
  • Default PCSound Resources
  • Customize PCAudio Labs Controls
  • Bass Priority Setting for Audio Connection
  • Xone Total Reverb
  • New Paperdome
  • ISO Setting Round Off
  • Exclusive Custom Range
  • Slider for Sample Rate
  • New Stereo Mixer
  • Audio Sequence Name Length
  • Resolution Shrink-To-Fit
  • Align Along Switches
  • Windows 7 Support
  • Zoom In (MIDI Channel 2)

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional System Requirements

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional System Requirements

  • Processor:
  • Operating System:
  • Display:

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional Ultra Registration Key

  • O4HQN-GDWW8-138FM-GL4VK-049SQ-0M7DQ

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional Pro Version Serial Code


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