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Security Manager Administrator
In the Symantec Security Manager Administrator, you can set up rules to manage security configuration and access for all Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. This lets you manage the authorized users and set the security rules based on the location and security settings of the device.

New Protection Center releases
Protection Center version 2.0 will be the first release to be certified by the SPC Vulnerability Advisor Certification Program. The certification version of the program includes three levels of top tier certification: ISO 27001, ISO 27002, and ISO 27003. The Certification V2 program applies to the SPC Vulnerability Advisor, SPC Secure Management, and Threat Defense for Active Director components of Symantec Endpoint Protection Download Free. It requires updating security patches and relevant configuration changes to the installed Symantec Security Manager software.

Security Center
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Security Center is fully integrated with the SPC Security Management Server so you can monitor the status of the protection solutions you manage from a single location. The new module can be configured to update the information displayed with the latest information from the installed products on the managed devices.

Security Event Integration
In the new Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Security Event Integration, you can receive and view information such as alerts from other security solutions. This is useful when you have multiple network security solutions installed and you are unsure which of the alerts to act on.

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The flexible, centralized architecture of Endpoint Protection helps you protect your network against zero-day threats; detect potentially harmful program and usage behavior in applications that may indicate malware infection; and if a malware infection is detected, give you the ability to manage and contain the malware remotely. Furthermore, Endpoint Protection leverages all of Microsoft’s data-centric security technologies to provide application control and device remediation based on changes in application data, configuration, behavior and the network.

We use Antivirus software on our corporate computer that we use on a daily basis. When we found out our antivirus software had expired, we were not very happy. Security tools like Endpoint Protection are not cheap. Antivirus is free, but we didn’t have a way to actually track if it was working to protect our computers. I know that if I left it expire, it would have definitely would not have helped us much. Even though Endpoint Protection is an important part of our cybersecurity strategy, it’s a tool that can be rather expensive. However, the true value lies in the fact that Endpoint Protection integrates with all of the other security tools that we have.

Total Protection is a unified, cloud-based, zero-day endpoint protection solution that provides a complete defense against advanced malware. Total Protection secures endpoints, network connections, connected devices, and user identities. Total Protection puts controls in front of endpoints to protect against threats before they reach the network. Total Protection features an exclusive Next-Generation Endpoint Protection engine that rapidly discovers zero-day malware, without impacting system performance or data integrity.

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Main benefits of Symantec Endpoint Protection

Main benefits of Symantec Endpoint Protection

The SEPs architecture is built on end-to-end protection from the beginning of the attack up through the recovery from the attack. It also provides a critical IT security infrastructure that provides the visibility and awareness needed to detect and resolve the attack. This architecture delivers stability and performance, so you can continue to do what you do best – focus on your business.

After youve bought SEP, you cant use the full power of Symantec Endpoint Protection free of charge, and if youre buying it for a reseller, you will be unable to make use of the latest license upgrades. Furthermore, as the vendor retains the right to manage the entitlements of each license, Symantec ends up recycling the same entitlements. Some of these capabilities may be provided to you in the future for a higher price.

Automatic updates, once applied, can often cause errors. If youre using a well-maintained computer, you will be able to minimize problems. If youre using a less well-maintained computer, a cracked or updated application or a malware infection, Symantec Endpoint Protection maynt be able to apply an update. You will need to purchase a new license for Symantec to be able to apply any patches. You shouldnt expect Symantec to replace the license, however.

At a minimum, the user interface, customer service and troubleshooting help must be acceptable to you and to your users. In practice, you will probably find that you have far more interaction with Symantec than with your supplier. Symantec wants to help you administer, manage and deploy its Endpoint Protection.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection System Requirements

Symantec Endpoint Protection System Requirements

  • The end user computer must have the following software installed: (1) SQL Server, and (2) the Windows operating system. You do not need to install a separate SQL Server component as a prerequisite to installing the Symantec Endpoint Protection module.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Features

  • Protects mobile devices
  • Trusted Advanced Threat Protection
  • Integrates with WPA2 Enterprise for optimal security.
  • Conforms to the highest standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 3.0

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