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Once the ProtonVPN app is connected to your desired ProtonVPN server and youre ready to go, fire up ProtonVPN Free. ProtonVPN Free is extremely lightweight and fast, loading in less than a second.

ProtonVPN Free is a strict client/server model (manual setup only), so you will need to manually connect to your desired server (make sure to do this in the ProtonVPN app). Once connected, youre ready to go. You can add any number of IP addresses or subnets, but you cannot use your personal or business addresses. There is no way to add a custom DNS IP address. A mix of free and paid add-ons are also not supported, so if youre looking for one of those, you cant use ProtonVPN Free.

ProtonVPN Free offers server recommendations, the top privacy-leaning servers that are recommended (and highly recommended) by ProtonVPN, SSL/TLS protocols, DNS leak protection, and DNS over HTTPS. You can access all of the features above in the “Settings/Preferences” panel.

Within ProtonVPN Free, the top privacy-leaning servers are recommended (and highly recommended) for you by ProtonVPN based on your location and your viewing history. You can see how ProtonVPN recommends which servers to connect to and why based on your location and viewing history in the “Settings/Preferences” panel.

Some VPNs add bandwidth throttling functionality, which is useful if youre downloading a large file. But because ProtonVPN offers unlimited VPN bandwidth, it really doesnt need to waste bandwidth throttling. In fact, ProtonVPN is so sure you wont waste your monthly data, that the company offers unlimited bandwidth for free with no speeds limit.

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ProtonVPN takes security very seriously, their app uses encrypted channels for all data, so that no outside party can access it while it is being transmitted. That doesn’t stop it from being able to catch you if you get caught by your ISP while using a VPN. Even if your provider catches your efforts and shuts off your access, ProtonVPN will allow you to continue using your account, just under a different IP address. This is called “Traitor Mode” and it is feature of their free and Plus plans.

ProtonVPN is great, and not just because of it being the most expensive VPN on this list. With a 3 year warranty, they stand behind the service and it is easy to use and enjoy. It has a wide range of plans, from a free trial of the Plus version, to the most expensive monthly options. This means there is a plan for every budget.

ProtonVPN has a special category of VPNs called “no-log”. This means that ProtonVPN does not keep any records or logs about your activity. No other company that we know of, let alone governments, are allowed to access these logs. They also go so far as to actively warn you if you log into a non-no-log VPN.

ProtonVPN has five fully transparent payment plans available: Free, Basic, Plus, Business, and Core. The Free version comes with 4 servers, and it has a monthly limit of 60 GB data. You can use this version indefinitely, but you have to pay for the data. The Plus version includes unlimited data for the duration of your subscription, and comes with 10 servers. You must sign up for a year of service to be able to use the Plus version, which comes with 30 servers and no monthly data limits.

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ProtonVPN Review

ProtonVPN Review

Another important factor to consider when choosing a VPN service is the companys service quality. ProtonVPN has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the app store, so we consider its service quality to be pretty good. Like I mentioned earlier, if youre not satisfied with your free trial, you can create a user account and make a yearly payment. If you decide that you want to continue using ProtonVPNs services, there are no speed caps for either your bandwidth or data.

As for bonuses, ProtonVPN offers a useful document about how to use VPNs. It includes VPN settings , scripts , time-zone , advanced settings , compatibility , reviews , modes , installing , and using a VPN.

To log into ProtonVPN, click the Unlocked ProtonVPN Account option in the app, and enter your username and password.Make sure you set your password very securely, because if youre not careful a hacker could steal your username and password when youre on public Wi-Fi.

ProtonVPN offers easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for connecting with their apps, but theyre not detailed enough for using Download ProtonVPN For Free on Windows or Mac. If youre new to VPNs, theres some other, similar products like Private Network or Private Network , which are a little more in-depth.

The VPN server is leaked over the Internet all the time. To encrypt the traffic of your VPN connection, you can upgrade the VPN protocol from L2TP over IPsec to OpenVPN over TCP (if youre using one of ProtonVPNs premium plans ), or you can use OpenVPN over UDP for encrypted communication with the VPN server.

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ProtonVPN System Requirements

ProtonVPN System Requirements

  • 512 MB or more RAM
  • Dual Core CPU or Single Processor for best performance
  • A good internet connection

What’s new in ProtonVPN

  • A private Web browsing interface
  • A VPN to protect your identity on the dark Web
  • A cross-platform ad-blocker
  • Private DNS service
  • WebRTC blocking for your webcam and microphone
  • Two accounts: Personal (owner) and Business

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